Monday, May 16, 2005


More on me

Before starting going on whats going on in my life and my take on it, I should give out a little more info on myself ...

I live in Karachi (the southern city of Pakistan), currently studying in NED University aspiring to become a Computer Information and Systems Engineer. My passions include Football, Programming and Graphics. I'm still learning the trades of programming after coming to NED having met some great programmers here ... and there's still a long way to go. Not even sure if I'll end up as a good programmer or not, but I guess I can try. I have to admit, I'm more into all things visual ... graphics and website designing.

I am not the smartest kid on the block either, average in studies (although thats mostly down to me not working hard enough :P). I know, I know that sounds lame but thats the way it has been since Matric when I missed A-1 grade by just 2 marks!! ... yeah, you can shove that in my face now ... :P

I'm crazy about Football ... I've been following the Toon Army (Newcastle United Football Club, for those who don't know) since 1997 and been a black and white since. I am certainly NOT like those glory-hunting muppets who support ManYoo, Arsenol, Chelski ,Bayern etc. ONLY because THEY WIN and for no other reason. Not many people in Manchester support ManYoo I have to come to know, and now that they've been bought by that rich bassa Glazer ... I hope he takes them down for good!

Enough about football, I also love all things sci-fi. Movies, Novels everything. Lord of the Rings trilogy is out of this world ... similarly, am a big fan of Riddick (his two movies) and Star Wars too (looking forward to its third prequel) ...

Thats about it for now ... will start regular blogging very soon.

Saturday, May 07, 2005



Welcome to my personal blog! Lots of content to be added pretty soon ... watch this space.