Wednesday, September 07, 2005


There goes yet another year!

We entered the last academic week at NED this Monday and after that, we'll be through with Third Year! Gosh! Has it been that long? It seems only yesterday I was wandering care-free on the streets of Abu Dhabi and now that I come to realize, almost an year has passed since then. Life has moved on so fast, and this year has been the quickest and the toughest one without a doubt. But maybe, that's down, in part, to the quality of teachers we had this year. I'll say no more.

It's that time of the year again, the time I hate the most ... when we have to prove ourselves by sitting through this thing called the exams. Why couldn't they just take my word for it and gimme a good grade :P! Maybe in the future they'll just do memory scans to see how well we're prepared for the test without getting us to actually sit through the damn thing. Now, there's a thought for the future.

The projects are almost done, and I will post screenshots of them once they're 100% complete. The premier league kicked off last month, so that's got my attention for the time being. And with the acquisition of Michael Owen by the Toon, things couldn't be more exciting. I've got a separate blog for all my Newcastle United rants btw @, if you wanna check it out that is.