Sunday, November 20, 2005


So Far (Not) So Good

I am blogging again after what seems like an eternity. The special semester that us poor Nedians have to endure is close to being over, which is a big relief! We have three more papers to go and among them one really difficult one of Digital Electronics. It's been the same story as the last two years again .... the not so good part that is.

Exams should never take this long, close to 2 months in our case! I mean 2 months is 1/6th of the year and all we do in this time and study and then vomit whatever out we could on the day of the paper and then basically forget about it. The only stuff we're ever going to remember from this year is that interests us and that which is related to our field. It's an endless debate I know and there are lot of factors involved too including us students, who aren't exactly free of blame too.

Still, life moves and as one of my cousins so often says 'This too ... shall pass!' I'll end on that note, wish me luck!