Monday, July 18, 2005


Recent Graphics Work I did

Below are two of my recent works in graphics. The first is the cover of our department's annual magazine, and the second one is a flyer for a conference being held in our university. Whether they get selected or not, remains to be seen. Comments are welcome.

[ This isn't actually complete yet, as you probably would have noticed that it's something a couple of things down the center and right hand side. The fate of this logo rests in the hands of the editors, it will be completed once I get the thumbs up from them ]


Friday, July 01, 2005


Time Flies!

It does! ... It seemed only a couple of days ago the holidays started but now a sneak at the calendar reveals what I don't want it to! :P ... That it's been a month since then and there's not much time left, 2 and a half weeks infact.

Summer holidays in NED aren't much fun. We have several projects to take care of plus a plethora of assignments and useless work that's never gonna do us any good ... really does my head in! But thats the way it is, however backward that may sound, we have to live with it.

One of my very good friends Faisal is in India to attend TechEd in Delhi! I envy him! . I wish I could be there too, having thoroughly enjoyed my experience at PDC this year. Such exposure is priceless really for someone who's getting ready to enter the practical and professional life.

The projects are going on steadily, I have successfully used the DirectPlay Voice API to host a voice-chat session using my Messenger and am now working on the client part. I will post the details of that as soon as I'm done with the client bit.

That's about all that's going on. Will post again soon, but right now I gotta take care of those damn assignments!